union products

DH2  High-precision non-contact depth measuring microscope HISOMET-Ⅱ  PDF
THS-10 Non-Contact Thickness Measuring System  PDF
DCM-40/60 Double View Microscope *applicable to
wafers up to 4 and 6 inches in diameter  PDF
DZ4-E/T High Magnification High Resolution Zoom Microscope  PDF  
UWZ2 Ultra-Long Working Distance Zoom Microscope  PDF
LSAF-2U Auto focus microscope with built-in motorized revolver  PDF
MCB-1D Inverted Type Metallurgical Miscoscope  PDF
GP-101/102 Metallurgical Polisher  PDF
Objectives Finite Objectives/Special Objectives/Afocal Objectives   
EMA-400 Desk Top Mask Aligner   PDF